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Wrights have made significant investments in tracing technology and software over the past 8 years. The addition of the trace function means Wrights can locate and recover assets which have previously been lost due to the unknown whereabouts of the debtor – and further enhances our recovery results.

Trace Process

  1. Desktop search via tracing software
  2. Field agent deployed to confirm asset location
  3. Recovery of asset using specialist recovery vehicle

Data Intelligence

All data is supplied by Data Protection Act compliant sources which provide detailed information on individuals and companies with access to:

  • 99 million landline and mobile numbers including 33 million mobile numbers.
  • 111 million date of birth records.
  • 73 million consented email addresses.
  • 11 million linked address including first seen & last seen dates.
  • 83% coverage of telephone numbers for UK properties.
  • Wrights operate on a “no find, no fee” basis for all trace requests.

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