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The leading repossession platform in the industry

RADR (Record and Distribute Recoveries); is a secure, bespoke, web-based system to provide a lender control over its panel of recovery agents, providing real-time MI to analyse performance and drive improved results. Scalable to manage small or large volumes of recoveries, the data provided from external services provides a lender with the tools to make informed operational decisions in lieu of long-term strategies at the time of acquisition of their assets. Specifically tailored for use on handled devices it provides field agents and remote workers with flexibility and ability to provide real time updates, allowing multi partner agencies to communicate effectively.

RADR Features

    • Complete end to end management of Asset recovery through to disposal and shortfall.
    • Reinforced Asset Security – Monitor real time progress know where your assets are at all times.
    • Analytics- Quickly compare performance of recoveries vendors and auction sites enhancing recovery rates and return on Assets with a Comprehensive MI Suite.
    • Enhanced vendor communications – Real Time case updates.
    • Scalable – Bespoke packages to manage small or large volumes of recoveries.
    • Seamless technology and Smart workflows allow for better account management.
    • Electronic document suite, Vehicle Condition Reports and signed Voluntary Surrender forms.
    • Multi Agency Capabilities.

      RADR is regarded as the leading repossession platform in the industry and is currently licensed to a number of companies who have greatly enhanced their ability to provide live, accurate and detailed information to their clients.

      Real-time Management Information

      RADR uses a systematic approach and utilises on Exception reporting to identify key arears of non-performance allowing you to apply focus where it’s needed. Providing a slick user interface, simple workflow management and the ability of API integration RADR cuts out the fuss.

      RADR API (Application Programming Interface) based on Microsoft XML interfaces allows us to seamlessly integrate with any database, allowing other programs to interact with RADR meaning no more manual input of data. RADR API, is also available for Agents and Disposal services making the whole process integrated, receiving updates and changes as they happen.

      We specialise in Asset Recovery and Disposal Management, RADR’s Specialist Management platform will drive the Agents performance from instruction to completion. It doesn’t stop there however, we can also manage the disposal process ensuring you achieve the best recoveries rates and increased residual values on your Assets.

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