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Recoveries in Scotland

15/02/2019 | Published by Wrights Recoveries

Our experience, gained by talking to both new and existing clients, suggests a number of “national” repossession companies they’ve used in the past, struggle to offer an asset recovery service in Scotland that’s on a par with their service levels south of the border. For Wrights however, the story is very different!

For a start, we never use sub contractors to recover your UK based vehicles and, as maps suggest, that includes Scotland!

Our highly trained, employed Scottish agents are all equipped with a specialised, modern recovery truck which negates the need to call in third party transport in the majority of cases meaning assets are recovered as quickly as possible with no additional costs passed to our client, especially important given the remoteness of some of the recovery locations.

Our service levels north of the border are one of our strengths, not our Achilles heel! If you’d like to find our more about our Scottish recovery services and increasing your recoveries rate please get in touch: info@wrightsrecoveries.co.uk

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