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Choosing A Collector For Asset Recovery

28/05/2018 | Published by Wrights Recoveries

There are still asset-based lenders who have yet to discover how the services offered by a high-quality agency can improve their business.

When looking for the right recovery company for you, consider their track record on investment, training, and a measured growth rate, along with full FCA approval.

In the field of asset recovery, it is crucial to look for a well-known and respected company who have taken the time to build a reputation for providing best-in-class service and results. Yet there are still asset-based lenders who have yet to discover how the services offered by a high-quality agency can improve their business.

So what are the keys to look out for? The first is surely a track record of having invested steadily in systems, people and training to develop at an evolutionary rather than an revolutionary pace. This leads to an agency being able to maintain and develop its core values on issues such as transparency and integrity without compromising service levels and results for clients.
Of course, this should come hand in hand with approval by the Financial Conduct Authority for full principal status.

It is also desirable to see that new business relationships are routinely developed by way of referrals from existing client base who have experienced, first hand, exceptional customer service and results.
Depending on your bespoke requirements, the services provided should represent a complete end-to-end offering that not only includes vehicle repossessions in the UK and Europe but also trace, vehicle movement, site clearance, reconnection visits and asset management.

And, in the modern age, the appropriate use of modern technology is essential. For example, our own online web-based case-tracking system, RADR, provides live information on each instruction together with a complete management information suite tailored to each client’s individual requirements.

The opportunities of such technology are exciting and any agency must seek to embrace them.

In conclusion, by choosing the right agency for you, you should expect to achieve a complete package of services together with exceptional quality of the agency’s people, systems, training and monitoring. Together these will mean that your agency is in the best shape possible to help drive your business forward.

For any lender wanting to ensure their customers are treated fairly in a highly compliant environment, an agency that can provide all that should, without doubt, be their first port of call.

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